Red Data Tools

Data processing with Ruby!

About Red Data Tools

Red Data Tools is a project that provides data processing tools for Ruby.

Our policies:

  1. Collaborate across the Ruby community

    • We collaborate with the Ruby community and other communities. For example, we use Apache Arrow that is shared with many languages and we join in Apache Arrow development to share benefits.
  2. Acting rather than blaming

    • We spend our time writing code, writing tests, writing documentations, introducing our work to others, giving feedback to other projects and so on–rather than blaming the current situation (Python may have many more good tools than Ruby), blaming some current library implementations and so on.
  3. Continuous, iterative progress rather than a short, big project

    • We may need a diverse set of components to do many data processing tasks with Ruby. We need to work continuously to achieve complete tools for data processing. So steady progress is more important than a short sprint for us.
  4. The current lack of knowledge doesn't matter

    • We may need knowledge about mathematics, statistics, linear algebras and so on to implement fast tools. But we don't require them when someone joins us. We can learn about them while we work. We can use existing fast implementations and learn from existing fast implementations.
  5. Ignore criticism from outsiders

    • We may take a long time to achieve complete tools for data processing. Some outsiders may criticize us until the time. We should ignore the blame. We don't have time to worry about them. :-)
  6. Fun!

    • Because we use Ruby!



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